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Huawei UPS2000-G Series

  • Huawei UPS2000-G Series - copy - copy - copy - copy
Huawei UPS2000-G Series - copy - copy - copy - copy

Huawei UPS2000-G Series - copy - copy - copy - copy

  • Power: 1KVA~20KVA
  • Rated input voltage: L-N: 220/230/240VAC
  • Battery Voltage: 72VDC (standard machine) 96VDC (long machine), 192-240VDC, +384-480 VDC
  • Input and output system: single-in, single-out, three-in, single-out, three-in and three-out
  • Product description: Huawei UPS2000-G series power supply is based on on on-line Dual-Conversion technology. UPS2000-G series covers the capacity range of 1-20 kVA, supports rack or tower installation, with a maximum effi
Huawei UPS2000-G series power supply adopts Dual-Conversion pure on-line structure, which can effectively isolate abnormal power grids and ensure the stable operation of user equipment. 6-20KA can easily realize parallel expansion and redundancy, and provide more secure and flexible power supply guarantee for users.
UPS2000-G Series
Rated capacity: 1/3/6/10/15/20 kVA
Rated voltage: 220/230/240Vac (phase voltage)
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Topology: On-line Double Transform Formula
Applied Objects
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Branches of Large Enterprises, Bank outlets
Miniaturized data center
Memory, Network Device, VoIP, Communication Device, Automation
Chemical Equipment, Office Terminal
Precision instruments and equipment, etc.
Stability and reliability
Input Ultra Wide Voltage and Frequency: 80-280 Vac (Phase Voltage), 40-70 Hz
It can adapt to harsh power grid, reduce the number of battery discharges, and prolong the battery life.
Lightning protection/surge level 5kA/6KV, greatly reducing the failure caused by lightning stroke
Failure early warning of key components of bus capacitors, batteries and fans to eliminate potential power failure risk
Omnidirectional Reliability Test to Ensure the Stability and Reliability of Products
High Efficiency and Energy Saving
The first batch of Energy Star certification in the industry
Efficiency of 6KA is 94%, efficiency of 10KA is 94.5%, efficiency of 15KA/20KA is 95%.
Effective Reduction of Operating Cost
ECO efficiency can reach 98%, providing a more economical and energy-saving model
Input Power Factor > 0.99, High Utilization Rate of Power Grid
The lowest matching ratio with oil engine is 1:1.5, which saves oil engine investment.






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