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Huawei UPS2000-A Series

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Huawei UPS2000-A Series - copy - copy - copy - copy

Huawei UPS2000-A Series - copy - copy - copy - copy

  • Power: 1KVA~10KVA
  • Rated input voltage: 220/230/240Vac
  • Battery Voltage: 192-240 Vdc
  • Rated Output Voltage: 220/230/240Vac+1%
  • Product description: UPS2000-A series is based on on on-line Dual-Transform technology, which is an ideal power supply for small capacity scenarios. Solutions can eliminate all kinds of grid problems. UPS2000-A Series (6
UPS2000-A series covers the capacity range of 1-10 kVA, supports tower installation, 1-3 kVA supports built-in batteries, and can provide reliable uninterrupted power supply for branch offices, business outlets, office and other scenarios.
UPS2000-A series is based on on on-line dual conversion technology, which can eliminate the impact of various power failures and effectively protect the uninterrupted operation of load. The efficiency of the system is as high as 96%, which saves the user's electricity cost. High power density design can effectively reduce the volume and save more space, which is the best choice for power supply support scenarios.

Product Brief
UPS2000-A series, based on on on-line dual conversion technology, is an ideal power supply solution for small capacity scenarios, which can eliminate all kinds of power grid problems. Support tower installation, standard machine built-in battery.
Application scenario
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Branches of Large Enterprises, Bank outlets
Network, communication system, automatic control system, AC power supply
AC power supply for precision instruments and equipment
- Other AC power supply scenarios in supermarkets, homes, offices, etc.
Characteristics and Value
Extra wide voltage input range, effectively reduce the number of battery switching, prolong battery life
On-line Dual-Conversion technology to provide customers with stable and reliable power supply
High efficiency
Efficiency can reach 90%, reduce energy consumption, green energy saving
* Ultra-small size, much less space than traditional UPS systems
LCD display, friendly man-machine interface, real-time monitoring, easy to operate
The standard machine has built-in batteries, which are easy to use.
Provide email alarm, short message alarm and other alarm reporting methods
NetEco Network Management System Easily Implements Centralized Remote Management
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