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  • ICBC chose Huawei as
ICBC chose Huawei as
ICBC's Choice: Huawei Intelligent Modular Data Center Achieves Great Wisdom of Small Computer Room
Customer introduction
"Please go through window A065 to Window 1." People who have been to the bank are familiar with this sentence. But you will find that today's banking business is more man-machine integration mode: from the previous passbook to the present card, from completely relying on manual processing to the intelligent service mode of combining human intelligence and wit, from the counter to the electronic and telephone banking, the banking service has been at the forefront of innovation. Benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of business management, it reflects the high demand of financial industry for information technology infrastructure.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), one of China's four major banks, one of the world's top 500 enterprises and the largest customer base in China, has been at the forefront of the country and even the world relying on its technological strength and innovative ability. It has ranked among the world's 1000 largest banks of Bankers and Fortune of the United States for three consecutive years. Booth is the top 2000 company in the world.
In the wave of financial science and technology, ICBC always attaches importance to technological and business innovation ability and actively responds to the transformation of new business model and IT architecture represented by Internet finance. ICBC took the lead in introducing intelligent network points in the industry in 2013, actively using artificial intelligence, biometrics, big data analysis and other technologies to carry out intelligent transformation of network services, and put forward the direction of digital transformation, which makes ICBC put forward higher requirements for rapid, flexible deployment of information technology infrastructure and cost savings. Requirement.
Business challenges
ICBC currently has more than 17,000 outlets in China, with 15,000 smart network sites, providing a wide range of financial products and services to 5.32 million corporate customers and 496 million individual customers worldwide; moreover, in 2017, the number of visits to "ICBC Services" Wechat widget programs exceeded 10 million, and the number of visits to LBS location data services reached 106 million times throughout the year, and the total number of WIFI customers of outlets. Flow exceeded 200 million.
In the face of such huge and growing data, ICBC's existing traditional data centers are beginning to be tired of coping with it; the equipment is scattered, the integration degree is low, the area occupied is large, and the overall rental cost is too high; the stability of business operation needs to be guaranteed; the data centers such as branches, branches and network points can not be managed in a unified cluster, so the data center has to deal with it. The obstacle response speed is slow and the operation and maintenance efficiency is low. It can be seen that the traditional computer room construction and operation and maintenance mode can not meet the cost pressure brought by the competition in the financial industry, the rapid updating of IT architecture and the demand of fast online business brought by the transformation of digital finance, and the business interruption caused by the disorder of computer room and human misoperation; besides, the operation and maintenance personnel of data center can not meet the demand of rapid online business. There is a general shortage of staff and aging, which makes it difficult to adapt to the transformation of branch's scientific and technological functions.
The above problems highlight an unavoidable fact: the transformation of computer room data center is the inevitable choice of ICBC. How to integrate advanced information technology and intelligent operation and maintenance management into financial vertical structure management, make better use of the huge offline network of banks to cover and serve customers, and complete the transformation of information-based banks?
ICBC decided to join hands with Huawei to deploy Huawei Fusion Module 500-800 smart modular data center solution, carry out the integration of the national network computer room transformation, and select Jiaxing Century Huayuan Branch in Zhejiang Province and Chaohui Branch in Nantong in Jiangsu Province to carry out the national network computer room transformation pilot.
Huawei Fusion Module 500-800 Small Intelligent Modular Data Center Series is an integrated computer room solution, which integrates the power supply and distribution equipment, monitoring and other infrastructure of the computer room into a cabinet, and all components are prefabricated in the factory. Compared with the traditional construction mode, it saves more than 40-50% of the land and reduces the area occupied. It brings down the real rent cost and reduces the operation cost. Operator equipment and security equipment are separated, and network cabinet can be expanded on both sides of the integrated cabinet, so that the expansion is flexible. The overall layout of the computer room data center renovation plan is not only simple and beautiful, but even if the bank outlets are completely cancelled in the future, the integrated computer room can also be quickly relocated from the computer room to the office area. It only needs to disconnect the power supply and network lines, and move to the destination with the help of the cabinet roller machine, without affecting the normal business opening. Exhibition.
The solution for Fusion Module 500-800 smart modular data center is not only integrated construction, but also intelligent operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle. ICBC has 17,000 outlets nationwide. How to centralize and unify the management of multiple outlets? Huawei Data Center Intelligent Operating and Maintenance System can centralize monitoring, unified management and preventive maintenance of ICBC's multi-network points, improve the corresponding speed of failure through GIS positioning technology, and improve the efficiency of data center operation and maintenance; Mobile APP monitoring can simplify management from inside to outside, easily know the operation of massive network data centers, and get rid of it. Traditional manual operation and maintenance methods can reduce the number of downloads and save travel costs, effectively alleviate the aging problem of ICBC data center operation and maintenance personnel, and make data center management more simple and efficient.
Customer returns
After the deployment of Huawei Fusion Module 500-800 smart modular data center solutions by Zhejiang Jiaxing Century Garden Branch and Chaohui Branch of Nantong, Jiangsu Province, the problems of low integration of main equipment, independence of each component, large area occupied by the computer room, high rent cost and batch of network points have been successfully solved. By deploying Huawei DCIM + Intelligent Operating and Maintenance System, ICBC has established a unified standard operation specification, which reduces the operation and maintenance of computer room data center.






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