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Hohhot Unicom works hand in hand with Huawei to build high-quality IDC computer room with intelligent micro-module
With the advent of NFV era, we will usher in the trend of standardization and centralization of computer rooms. Through reasonable integration and transformation of computer rooms, reducing the location, and gradually evolving the traditional operation mode of heavy assets and high energy consumption into the standardized computer rooms of IDC Internet Data Center, and reducing PUE are the next planning of standardized computer rooms.
Customer background

Operators who once had a "golden decade" have been impacted by mobile Internet enterprises and OTT services in recent years. The huge profits brought by the original short message and telephone services have been continuously eroded. Faced with the change of living environment, operators actively explore new business models to cope with the challenges and pressures brought by the Internet.
Hohhot Unicom is one of the largest basic telecommunication operators and IDC Internet data center service providers in Hohhot. In the face of the impact of the Internet, on the one hand, the original business model of Hohhot Unicom is challenged: the shrinkage of traditional voice and short message services leads to a decline in profits and a large number of idle communication equipment; on the other hand, Hohhot Unicom carries out the retrofit of PSTN communication room in China and actively embraces the Internet, but at the same time, it leads to a decline in resource utilization and makes the original communication big.  The building makes a lot of space.
In order to revitalize idle assets and idle computer rooms and alleviate the tense situation of IDC Internet data center cabinets caused by the business needs of IDC Internet data center of small and medium-sized customers, Hohhot Unicom decided to build a centralized and standardized IDC computer room to provide safe, reliable, fast and comprehensive IDC Internet data center basic business and value-added business services for different users. One-stop service for national linkage.
Business challenges

Small and medium-sized IDC Internet data center business demand increases, business requirements quickly online;
It is necessary to activate idle communication equipment and communication buildings and reduce initial investment.
Build localized computer room, provide better business operation environment, safe and reliable;
Traditional computer room has low efficiency and high energy consumption. 50% OPEX is used for electricity expenditure.
The management is complex, the manual maintenance cost of data center is high, the workload is large, and the human operation error is easy to occur.

According to its own development needs and market trends, Hohhot chose Huawei Fusion Module 2000 intelligent micro-module data center solution to build a standardized and centralized IDC room for the future.
Hohhot Unicom data center covers an area of 320_, deploying 6 micro-modules and 102 IT cabinets; using UPS centralized power supply and 2N architecture, it is divided into AB two independent power supply to cabinet to ensure reliable power supply of data center; adopting inter-line refrigeration mode, each micro-module is equipped with 4 air conditioners, a total of 24 inter-line air conditioners, to improve refrigeration efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
With modular architecture, factory Pre-installation and pre-commissioning saves more than 30% deployment time. Hohhot Unicom completed its deployment and delivery in only one month, and responded quickly to the business needs of Unicom's IDC Internet Data Center. Even if there is expansion demand in the later period, it can be deployed on demand according to business growth, greatly reducing the initial investment of IDC computer room Huawei Fusion Module 2000 intelligent modular data center solution, ensuring the green and reliable intelligence of the data center through I technology means: real-time monitoring of the power supply link of the iPower, active management; iCooling algorithm fine collaborative control improves the refrigeration energy efficiency by more than 30%; System, multi-DC unified cloud management, assisting mobile phone APP operation and maintenance, reducing the cost of manual maintenance, greatly improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
Customer returns

Huawei Fusion Module 2000 Intelligent Micromodule Data Center Solution helps Hohhot Unicom build high-quality IDC Internet Data Center Room:
Modularization reduces the constraints of existing conditions in the process of old computer room transformation, warehouse utilization and outdoor deployment of data centers of Hohhot Unicom; under the new business model of "rent first and build later", its rapid deployment features accelerate business on-line time and shorten investment cycle; in addition, IT and infrastructure maintenance channels reuse, shorten air supply distance, and bring about by modularized construction mode. The distribution rate of cabinet per unit area has been increased by nearly 10%. In the aspect of intellectualization, Huawei helps Hohhot Unicom to improve its resource utilization, refrigeration efficiency and operation and maintenance efficiency around the concept of igong.
For Hohhot Unicom, building a localized IDC Internet data center complements the base IDC Internet data center to provide disaster tolerance services for major businesses in different places. At the same time, developing government cloud to meet the localized needs of local government and enterprise customers, such as low latency and local management. In the future, the trend of IT for CT devices will be strengthened, ICT will integrate IT devices and CT devices, and long-term hybrid deployment, while modular data center will be able to play its advantages to meet the needs of mixed scenarios.
Modularized and intelligent IDC room gives operators the intrinsic vitality to leverage industrial change, which is in line with their long-term business planning and industrial layout. In response, Li Xiangdong, Director of Operations and Maintenance Department of China Unicom Group, said: "With the advent of the era of NFV, we will usher in the trend of standardization and centralization of computer rooms. Through reasonable integration and transformation of computer rooms, reducing the site, and gradually transforming the traditional operation mode of heavy assets and high energy consumption into the standardized computer rooms of IDC Internet Data Center, while reducing PUE, it is the next step of standardization of computer rooms. Row. "






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